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Holistic Nutrition

Together we will look at not only the food that you put into your mouth but how you are nourishing all areas of your life through the contexts of Primary Foods (career, relationships, physical activity, and spirituality) and Secondary Foods (the food that goes in your mouth). By working through each one we will determine the areas of your life that are malnourished.

Health Coaching

We all need help every once in a while and let’s face it, if you are like me, you have tried before, by yourself, and failed. There is nothing wrong with needing someone for guidance and support, someone to help hold you accountable when you get off track, but most importantly someone to celebrate all your wins with you.


By making changes in your health now you can dramatically reduce the risk of developing a major illness later on. Diabetes and auto-immune are just two of the major disorders that are plaguing society today and both are directly linked to the choices made on a daily basis around food. I will help you to understand the link our food plays and how we can reduce the risk of getting sick in the future.

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